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Contempt of Court by Pondicherry Government

Truck dumping stones in Solainagar
Dumping rocks in Solainagar

On 22 January 2008, the Pondicherry government, in direct violation of the interim injunction against the construction of the groyne field in Pondicherry, resumed work on two of the eleven proposed groynes – one in Kuruchikuppam, just north of the old town of Pondicherry, and one in Solainagar, just before the Tamil Nadu border.

Earth mover working in Kuruchikuppam
Earth moving in Kuruchikuppam

Notices sent to the Chief Secretary of Pondicherry had no effect – work continued feverishly on 23 January 2008, at a rate of a truckload a minute being dumped on the groyne at Kuruchikuppam.


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