New NDTV Campaign to Save India’s Coasts

NDTV has started a new campaign to ‘Save India’s Coasts.’ Two reporters, Sarah Jacob and Sikta Deo will travel the entire coast of India, starting in western Gujarat and ending in West Bengal in 6 weeks, reporting on the issues facing the coast along the way.

The introductory episode, featuring discussions with Sunita Narain, Director of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE); Probir Banerjee, President of Pondy Citizens’ Action Network (PondyCAN!); and key reporters in Chennai (focusing on illegal sand mining), Mumbai (detailing the destruction of mangroves for the proposed Navi Mumbai airport) and Orissa (where 14 new ports have been approved), can be seen here.

Future reports will be consolidated here, which includes the latest report on a visit to Marine National Park near Jamnagar, Gujarat, with Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh.


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4 responses to “New NDTV Campaign to Save India’s Coasts

  1. Pranit harekar

    I am a really big fan of NDTV india channel. i have been watching this channel last 4 years and i am sure that this is the best news channel in India. it is best channel in all aspects . thanks a lot for this channel. all d best !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. At almost every turn we see that EIAs are ordered in numbers and the only the one friendliest to the project planners is released. The local people are being cheated by being told that they will get jobs and that with the harbours they will get to have bigger boats to do more fishing. Thanks for pointing out the NDTV initiative and thank you for the work that you have beeen doing to fight harbour development.

  3. Kumar Vimal

    Mankind appears heading to total annihilation. People are too preoccupied with present to be able to look even a few years ahead and all the Governments are too preoccupied with Industrialists in an attempt to appease them for individual interests to look forward for future of the society. Environment is nobody’s baby.

  4. Your report was an eye opener for many of us living on the west coast, I live in a small fisherman;s house.a 20 kms from Mangalore. Five years back we had a fifty yards of sand strip for miles Then two years ago the bech disappered.Last year the sea entred over the the and neighbour lost some land along wit forty yeiding coconut trees to the sea. This it came close to my houe and all sand disappeared leaving a sharp drop of five feet to the sea itself. Enquiries indicated that the back waters of the Mangalore back waters were ortected wit a wall and this turned the sea on us.The fishermen too have suffered but the Government refuses to set maters right.e are helpless.

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