Stop the Expressway – Save Chennai Beaches, 4:30pm, 3 April 2009, Chennai

Rally-cum-press conference

Spread the word; Be there!!!

When: 4.30 p.m. 3 April, 2009 (Friday)

What: Launch of Save Chennai Beaches campaign by residents of Santhome, Mylapore, Besant Nagar, and Thiruvanmiyur.

Where: Boy’s Club, Northern end of Besant Nagar beach on 5thAvenue, Besant Nagar.

Who: Adv. Sriram Panchu, V. Arun (Students’ Sea Turtle Conservation Network), Fisher leaders, residents and youth.


Chennai’s beaches – Marina, Elliot’s and Thiruvanmiyur – are the city’s last remaining open spaces for public to congregate and enjoy a bit of fresh air. More importantly, the beach is an important livelihood space for fisherfolk, who park their boats, dry their nets, repair their gear, and ply their trade there. Chennai’s beaches also boast immense ecological significance as the nesting grounds for the Olive Ridley Turtle, a species that is to be treated at par with the Tiger as per the Indian Wildlife Act, 1972.

A new proposal, to construct a 6-lane 7.5 km elevated expressway along the beach from Marina to ECR in Kottivakkam, will forever rob the beach of its myriad uses for humans and wildlife. The Rs. 1000 crore proposal envisages a high-speed expressway linking Marina beach to Elliot’s Beach in the first phase, and Elliot’s beach to ECR in Kottivakkam, in the second phase. Running through at least 8 fishing villages, the Road will displace 1000s of people, and severely disrupt fishing activities along the coast.

No other alternatives to decongest Santhome High Road have been explored by the Highways Department. Building more and more roads cannot be the only solution to the city’s traffic problem. With more than 800 new private vehicles hitting the road each day, no amount of new roads will suffice. In the absence of alternatives suggested by the Highways Department, it falls upon citizens to provide the alternatives. But first, let’s stop the Expressway.

For more information, contact:

Nityanand Jayaraman. 9444082401 Akila Phadnis. 9940061432

Copy of Feasibility Report for Expressway:


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5 responses to “Stop the Expressway – Save Chennai Beaches, 4:30pm, 3 April 2009, Chennai

  1. Aravindh Kamakshinadha

    We are all totally against the impending construction of the proposed expressway. We shall do whatever it takes from our side. Please let me know through email if we (my friends and I) could come over for a meeting to discuss the issue. Thanks.


    • Sharadha Shankar

      Aravindh, This is from the save chennai beaches campaign rallying against the elevated expressway that is being proposed by the TN govt along the beaches of chennai. Would love to talk to you and see how you can help us in this campaign. Please do email me.

  2. Sharadha Shankar

    Please take a few minutes and sign this petition to save Chennai beaches

  3. Activists should maybe look into which stakeholders in the whole process might be obstructing the implementation of already existing policies like CRZ Notification, Masterplans and the National Urban Transport Policy. It looks like that if existing policies would be abided to there might be a big chance of preventing the highway to be constructed along the beach. I urge you to get social scientists involved with some working knowledge of Prof. Brent Flyvbjerg’s investigative methodology of “Phronetic Planning Research.” See:

    Before 6 months I signed a support form for the save our beach campaign at Besant Nagar.
    At present I am in Chennai, for the last two years I lived in UK and for a 6 months period I lived in Singapore. Got frustrated after seeing the living conditions in other countries and returned to India to make a change for my society. After returning from UK I didn’t felt much about our Society. As English people are well civilized and a developed country before giving independence to India. People are just civilized and I saw humane nature in them. But in Singapore, technologically much developed than Britain but people restricted and made civilized by rules and regulations. Both the countries civilized, but how they became civilized is different.
    In India I saw people without humane nature, no one cares about a life and also about their own life. Own life in the sense ..உயிர் மேல மதிப்பு இல்லாம போச்சு .
    I want to make changes and help my society in some way to improve each and every one. My idea is not about doing campaigns, protests, hunger strikes..expecting a mass rapid change. Just start from single person. I have started facebook group for this. Kindly have a look at the page pics and videos(Discard TV catch up videos, as the intention sharing those is for promotion) .

    I am working 6 days every week and spend my single holiday for this groups intention. At present working on a project to stop Urination in the Guindy Railway station and I have changed a lot(videos still not updated). Because of this I am facing some problems with people, now and then quarrel with people and a lot.
    I requested my friends to support me but every one are more concerned about their own happiness and life.

    If you can spare a little time , we can discuss about social work. As I am unaware about the legal issues and personnel safety in involving these activities. I need support and a lot of advice from you.

    Changes I Planned for 2012:
    1) Guindy Public Urination
    2) Stop Parking near No Parking Sign Board
    3)Remove Plastic bags along the Railway track from Egmore to Tambaram
    4) Obey traffic Rules: For Students and Professionals
    5)Foot Board Travel in Train : Specifically in First Class Coach

    and a lot which I want to Change.

    Kindly contact me if you can support me and also I can start working in your campaigns.
    Mob: 9003245613

    Thank you
    Sembian RR V

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